The Cold War Never Ended

It’s always cold in the war!!!!!

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I’ve never been interested in the Winter Olympics. I prefer my Olympic athletes to be…how you say…”more naked.” There is little to no Olympics craze here in Albania either, so most of what I know about the games comes from social media. And other than giggling at the name Bode and getting tired of hearing about how hot some Italian ice skater chick is, what seems to be dominating the news I get are the sub-par amenities at the Sochi hotels. Um…what?

There is a hashtag on Twitter called #SochiProblems, I guess. And a matching account with over 300,000 followers dedicated to westerners complaining about spending a few weeks in an underdeveloped country that doesn’t quite meet their qualifications for luxury. As an American, I am very familiar with the concept of “getting your money’s worth,” and having worked many years in customer service I understand that westerners…

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Can Someone Tell My Daughter Who God Is Please.

God was crucify for us to live he gave his life on the cross so we humans could be cleansed with his blood for our sins!!!!!!!


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“Momma, who is God?”.  

My daughter asked me that question last summer. I am still trying to figure out how to answer her.

I didn’t grow up going to church. I say that with no hard or jaded feelings about the fact. I feel like I heard a lot about God, having grown up in middle Georgia. However, the conversation always felt more like “someone” that other people knew. I never met him.

Like my daughter is starting to now, I saw a lot of gray matter in the way people, especially the ones that made it a point to remind you how often they went to church, presented themselves and the way they authentically were when around like minded people.

Hypocrisy was something I couldn’t name back then but I felt it every time I heard a self proclaimed Christian person use the N word. Sort of today’s version of “No I don’t think you’re going to hell because you’re…

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Why I Hate The Red Hot Chili Peppers: A Tale Of Woe From My Grim Adolescence


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There are a lot of reasons why I should hate them, I’ll be honest. Like their neighbours in the land of rock-that-clearly-isn’t-actually-rock music, Coldplay, the Chili Peppers are one of those bands so devoid of personality, that it takes a not-unsubstantial portion of my energy just to hear someone say their name. It’s one of those easy-answer ‘favourite bands’ that are loved by people who aren’t so much fans of the music, but rather just fans of not having to sit in terrifying silence. The spider-feet guitar sounds mixed with the odd clunking bass and the nasal dross that makes up the vocals all congeal into a thick grey paste of oozing weariness that… I’ve just remembered that this wasn’t what this post was supposed to be about.

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Nestlé, Cargill and ADM face child slavery case

Desire freedom!!

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Nestle-Cargill-and-ADM-face-child-slavery-case_strict_xxlBy Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn, 27-Jan-2014 (Confectionary News)

Three Malian men have won the right to bring their civil child slavery case against Nestlé, Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) to Californian courts.

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